May River Oyster Pickers

May River Oyster Pickers
Original Available
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17.5″x24″ – $65

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Civil War Hymn of Liberty Georgia Watercolor National Exhibition 2015 Original Available Giclee Prints 12.75"x16"  $45 19"x24"  $65

Civil War Hymn of Liberty
Georgia Watercolor National Exhibition 2015
Original Available
Giclee Prints
12.75″x16″ $45
19″x24″ $65







Ordinary people doing extraordinary things-

Music played an important but less recognized role in the Civil War. More music was written during the Civil War than any other war in America. Many of the songs are still  played. Drums and fifes were used by the infantry to signal marches, halts, charges and retreats. They were also used to regulate camp routines and to boost camp morale.




Meeting Street Poyas-Mordecai House Original Available Giclee Prints  12x15   - $45 17.5x22  -$65 22x28 - $100

Ordinary people during extraordinary things:

This Meeting St. Charleston single house was built in 1788 and purchased by Moses Mordecai, a Jewish importer in 1837.He became a blockade runner for the Confederacy. After Sherman burned Columbia, he delivered food to the starving citizens. He lost his fortune and moved up North. He regained his fortune and paid to have the bodies of the Confederate soldiers who fell at Gettysburg brought and buried at Charleston Magnolia Cemetery.

Meeting Street
Poyas-Mordecai House
Original  Sold
Giclee Prints Available
12×15 – $45
17.5×22 -$65
22×28 – $100







"Thinking of Home" 2014 SCWS Traveling Show  Original Available Giclee Prints 12"x19"  - $65

“Thinking of Home”
2014 SCWS Traveling Show
Original Available
Giclee Prints
12″x19″ – $65

"Battened Down" Original Sold Giclee Prints 12.75"x16" = $45 19"x24" - $65

“Battened Down”
Original Sold
Giclee Prints
12.75″x16″ = $45
19″x24″ – $65






Waterfront View of East Battery
“Waterfront View of East Battery”
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16.25″x24″ – $65


Legare St., Charleston
” Legare St. Charleston”
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16.5″x21.25″ – $65
20″x26″ – $100

     This large home is  located on Legare Street was

built in the 1850′s.



     Third Place  2013 Artisphere Artists of the Upstate Juried Exhibition

devotion webcopy

Original Available

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9″ x 11.5″ – $45

19″x24″ – $65

22.25″x 28″ – $100

                    butchering dayweb

Original  – sold

Giclee Prints available

12″x16″ – $45

18″x24″ – $65

21″x28″ – $100


South Carolina Watermedia Society Guy Libscomb Award 2012

“Community Hog Butchering Day at Plowden Place”

“Plowden Place” is a family owned 200+ acre farm in Smoaks, SC



SC Watermedia Society Traveling Exhibit

City Art/Art Xpress Award Winner 2013

Original – Available

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9.5″x16″ – $45

12″x20″ – $65

“Daybreak” is a watercolor painting inspired by the devotion  to the care and training of horses. These trainers and stable hands are up before dawn feeding, caring for and training the horses. It is a behind the scenes look at the work and dedication involved in horse racing.


jpegSouth Battery Park Mansionsjpeg copy    “South Battery Park Mansions” is located across from the White Point Gardens and the Charleston Harbor.These antebellum homes were built in the mid 1800′s. The mansion on the right is now the “Battery Carriage House”, a B&B, also known as one of the most haunted homes in Charleston.

Original – Sold   Giclee Prints Available -   11″x16′ – $45

16.25″x25″ –  $65                 19″x28″ – $100


"Pineapple Gates House" Original Sold 11.50"x15.25" - $45 16.5"x21.25" - $65 20"x25.5" - $100

“Pineapple Gates House”
Original Sold
11.50″x15.25″ – $45
16.5″x21.25″ – $65
20″x25.5″ – $100

       “Pineapple Gates House”

      14 Legare Street, Charleston, SC

         This Adamsque home was built in 1800 by Francis Simmons, a John’s Island plantation owner.  This 10,000 square foot home was later sold to George Edwards who added the decorative columns and ironwork. The home is known as the “Pineapple Gates House”.






Honoring Tradition

“Honoring Tradition”
Original Sold
11″x17″ – $45
15″x23″ – $65











Sandra’s work is now being shown at Charleston’s

“Lowcountry Artists Gallery” at 148 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC

86  Art Market on Market Street, Charleston, SC


Gallery 313, 313 N. Main Street, Anderson, SC

Frame Warehouse, 2454 Hudson Road, Greer, SC

Frame Warehouse, 1748 Woodruff Road, Greenville, SC

L and L Custom Framing and Gallery, 1735 John B. White Sr. Boulevard, Spartanburg, SC